Transportation Department

School transportation is an optional service.


It is school policy to plan and coordinate with external suppliers the provision of an efficient, adequate, responsible and, above all, safe school transport service, so that students in each of the following sections: Nursery, Preschool, Primary and High School can be transported independently at regular school hours, as well as during extracurricular activities, field trips, social work projects  and sports, among others.

The units work under a service contract, must undergo a technical vehicle inspection required by the City of Quito, and two annual mechanical inspections (before the beginning of the school year and during semester breaks) required by the school in an authorized mechanic shop, as well as permanent random checks performed by the Department of Safety and Transportation.

The school has communication via radio with all the transport units, which are equipped with cameras and GPS systems. Parents have at their disposal an application to monitor the transport of their children.

The routes are established according to the sector, number of students and conditions of the routes, ensuring the necessary safety and security, while respecting traffic regulations. The stops will be established based on multiple factors.

Carriers and bus inspectors are trained in transportation regulations, safety measures, road safety education, first aid, defensive driving, and group management, among other topics.

The Transportation Regulations and Code of Coexistence establish that students who use the service must abide by the rules of safety and respect to maintain said service.

The use of the seat belt is mandatory.


Students can not jeopardize their safety or that of others.


Students must respect others and their belongings both inside and outside the bus; take care of the equipment of the bus, do not throw objects and/or waste inside or outside the bus.


Speak respectfully and in a moderate tone of voice.


Do not watch or share violent or inappropriate videos/images.


Do not take pictures or film other students.


Smoking and/or use of illicit substances are prohibited.


It is not allowed to make purchases from street vendors or to make money transactions on the bus.

Demonstrate respect and courtesy in all your actions against pedestrians, drivers and the community in general.


Students must respect the driver and inspector, and accept their instructions and recommendations.


It is prohibited for parents or student representatives to ride the bus or otherwise call attention to another student. In case of an incident, the school must be informed in due time for the respective follow-up.


Any request for a change of bus – temporary or definitive – or change of stop, must be processed in advance in the Department of Security and Transportation. Bus changes will be coordinated exclusively for special circumstances or in case of travel of the parents or representatives.


The mobilization of students for social reasons must be privately provided.

Failure to comply with the rules may result in temporary or permanent suspension of transportation – regular and extracurricular – according to the fault committed. The Code of Coexistence governs in its entirety.

The Department of Security and Transportation will gladly welcome suggestions from parents and students to ensure quality service.