Technology Department

The mission of the Department of Technology and Systems is to support the school by selecting, providing and maintaining an appropriate and cutting-edge technological platform for academic, administrative and accounting purposes.

WI-FI network

The school provides for our students, teachers and administrative staff a Wi-Fi network with about 120 access equipment to guarantee coverage on campus. We have an important internet link that is protected by a state-of-the-art firewall in order to protect navigation content and perimeter security.


Our labs are equipped with Mac and Windows computers so that our students become familiar with both technologies, in addition to hearing aids and interactive whiteboards. We have 3 computer labs available to elementary students, one to teach preschoolers basic computer skills, and two other labs used to teach the rest of the students in the section. Students in the high school section have 4 computer labs, each equipped with 30 workstations for academic purposes in order to teach Science in Technology and Computing.

Ipads and Chrome books

Students in the elementary, preschool and nursery section have a cart with iPads for each level, each cart has an iPad for each student. IPads have selected apps installed to support the knowledge acquired in classes. In the high school section, we have a mobile cart with 33 Chrome books for research and classroom work.

Resources for access to content

Both Primary and High school Libraries are supported by the technology department, allowing a structure combining traditional resources with state-of-the-art technology, also equipped with projection and computing equipment for research and access to digital content.

Classroom equipment

Each of our classrooms is equipped with a projection equipment, interactive whiteboards, audio and computer system for the teacher.

Google Apps

Our institution has Google Apps for teachers, administrators and students, as well as an academic – financial system coupled to the needs of the institution, which supports online payment processes for tuition and enrollment, parent portal and data updates from the Web.

Administrative - Teaching Support

We provide support and technological tools to all departments of the school, we provide an integrated system that has financial modules, accounting, human resources and payroll, transportation, fixed assets, inventories, medical department control, sports module and academic module.

The Technology Department is always researching and implementing new technological tools that facilitate the learning process of our students, as well as facilitate and automate the processes of the institution.