Security Department



Students, Teaching or Administrative staff, who need to enter the School outside normal school hours and working hours, may do so only with the knowledge and authorization of a director of their academic section. This academic section must inform the Department of Security.


In the same way, if students need to leave the school during regular school hours, their parents or representatives must follow the procedure established by their section to obtain authorization to leave. This permit will be presented to security personnel in order to allow them to leave.


The School has strict control of who enters the premises of the institution with the sole interest of safeguarding the safety of our students. For this reason, all the teaching, administrative and service staff of the School must carry their ID card daily and in a visible place. Parents, as well as guests, special visitors or suppliers, must submit their identity card to receive a visitor card according to the section to be visited, which will be redeemed upon departure.

Lockers: (High School Section)


At the beginning of the year the secondary section assigns each student an individual locker with a personal combination. The academic area will inform students the rules of use of lockers.


The school is not responsible for items left in lockers, classrooms, courtyards, buses, courts, etc.


Students may not enter the School to remove any belongings from the locker outside of regular school hours. Only the directors of each section may extend this authorization, which must be notified to the Department of Security for execution.

Lost & Found


Items such as uniforms, clothing, lunch boxes, backpacks, containers, balls, found in classrooms, courtyards and buses, are delivered to the Lost & Found, where students can pick them up. Books with the School’s barcode are delivered in the Library and/or the Bookstore. Musical instruments are delivered to the Music Department. Other objects and valuables are delivered to the Department of Security for safekeeping. In order to reclaim these valuables, the students must have the authorization of a Director of their section.