International Section

The Secondary International Section is divided into two sections:
the Middle School (students from 7th-9th Grades),
and the High School (students from 10th-12th Grades).

Each grade level is divided into two parallels with approximately 12-18 students per parallel.

The Middle School follows to the philosophy, objectives and evaluation criteria of the Middle Years Program of the International Baccalaureate Program(  Some content of our program is prescribed by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador, and adapted to the characteristics and academic rigor of the Middle Years Program.


Students in 11th and 12th Grades follow the curriculum of the Diploma Program (DP) of the International Baccalaureate Organization(  Not all the students pursue the complete diploma, but all the students in these grade levels follow the IB curriculum.


Both the MYP and the DP programs are rigorous programs, characterized by active learning and critical thinking. The programs are aimed, moreover, toward the development of practical experiences in a student-centered environment. The basic principles that guide our Section are based in our institutional values and one of the Tribe´s agreements—mutual respect. Link to

Students who graduate from our school obtain two diplomas:a United States High School Diploma and the Diploma of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education. Those students, who successfully complete the IB Diploma program, will additionally obtain that diploma.

About 95 percent of our graduates go on to four-year colleges and about 65 percent leave the country for a university education in the United States, Canada, Europe, or other Latin American countries.


The International Secondary Section maintains open communication with parents—information on curriculum, homework, and special activities can easily be accessed. We promote an open-door policy for parent and student concerns and feedback. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled throughout the year, and parents are also invited to participate in workshops and other special meetings.


There are many co-curricular and extracurricular programs in which our students participate; such as Peer Mediation, United Nations, National Honor Society, among others. Many of these extracurricular activities are integrated with the National Section.

Students are evaluated each partial regarding their behavior inside and outside of class.