Policies and Procedures

Community Agreements

General Objective


Guarantee a harmonious coexistence between all the members that make up the educational community of Colegio Americano through agreements and commitments built in a participatory manner and based on respect for the rights and obligations of each.



Specific Objetives


Encourage the consistent practice of institutional values (solidarity, honesty, respect, responsibility and inner strength) by all levels of the educational community.


Promote the participation of all members of the educational community in building a safe environment.


Ensure compliance with the rights and responsibilities of the various members of the institution.

Attitude Objectives

Awareness (What is expected of me?)
Participates Positively and Productively
  • I participate in class and extracurricular events in and out of school.
  • I respect all members of the school community. (students, teachers, administrators, workers)
  • I respect myself by dressing appropriately and using proper vocabulary.
  • I respect private property.
  • I am tolerant to individual differences and show empathy.
Civic Duty
  • I sing the anthems with respect.
  • I wear my uniforms correctly.
  • I behave correctly during assemblies and events, such as field trips.)
  • I am truthful to myself and others.
  • I am honest in my academic work.
Responsibility (What is my responsibility?)
Assume Responsibility for My Actions
  • I come prepared to school. (required materials and ready to learn)
  • I work in class and complete my work on time.
  • I am punctual.
  • I do not exclude others from participating in any activities.
Care for Classroom and School Property
  • I place garbage in the right place and recycle.
  • I take care of equipment and clean up after myself.
Use Time Wisely
  • I use my time wisely during class time, in preparation for big projects, and while working in groups.
Reflection (How can I be a better person?)


  • I reflect on my weaknesses and strengths.
  • I question my performance and behavior.
  • I take measures to improve by setting goals based on reflection.
  • I have positive response to feedback.
  • I do not repeat negative actions/behaviors once they are recognized.
  • I demonstrate evidence of improvement.