Permission for Leaving School

Individual Exit Permit

Nursery, Preschool and Primary

This form applies only to authorize the departure of students from Nursery to 6th grade, at the end of the day of classes. Maximum two students invited per Family.


The individual exit permit must be completed by the student’s representative who:


  • Authorizes the child to leave with third parties (family, friends, driver).
  • Accept the invitation so that their child can go out with a friend who invites on a certain date.


Said permit must have the signature of authorization of the Director or Coordinator of the Section, so that the guards permit the students to leave at the main entrance gate (Assembly) or in the Parents’ Parking Lot.


Important Note:The parent who takes invited students from the school (maximum two) must also fill out this form with the name of his/her child, if he or she is a Nursery and/or Preschool student to back-up the student’s departure. Likewise, this exit permission the parents sign for their child requires the signature of authorization of the Director or Coordinator of the section, while having the parents of their guests also sign the permits.


The exit permits will be withdrawn by the security personnel at the exit door selected to remove students from the campus.


In order to ensure the safety of our students, the internal order of the school and to comply with the established academic hours, we ask you to take into account the following recommendations to request permission for your children to leave during the regular school day:


  • Students must submit the Exit Permit form to the Principal’s Office.
  • The Exit Permit must be signed by the parent or representative and must be delivered a day in advance.
  • To avoid interruption of classes, it is requested that the withdrawal be carried out between class periods or during recess.
  • The requested permits will not be processed by phone or e-mail without the signed request.
  • In cases of Emergency, we will process the departure of our students who comply with the necessary authorizations.