National Section


Through art we expose the students to a variety of materials and techniques that teach them the use of color, shape, texture, spaces and esthetics, encouraging a creative interpretation.


The Art program offers students a study of new and varied techniques, using different materials in order to develop their creativity.


The motivation is based on the study of artistic tendencies, outstanding painters and sculptors.


The Art Department works in a coordinated way in interdisciplinary projects with the rest of the areas.


Students work on projects related to community support, participate in national and international competitions, and has obtained great successes for the country and for the Institution, such as:


  • Gold medal at the IX Biennial of Japan (Seoul), l993.
  • Silver medal at the Japan Biennial 1997.
  • Two first places at the Engraving Biennial in Slovenia.
  • Two mentions of honor in the XII Biennial of Japan, 2002.
  • Annual participation in Christmas cards design for the “Su Cambio por el Cambio” Foundation.


The objective of the art program is to encourage individual creativity for self-thinking students with broader cultural knowledge.


Art class at Colegio Americano has as its main objective the artistic and human growth of the students.


The art program consists of 3 stages:



Art students carry out research projects based on the IB (International Baccalaureate) criteria. Different topics (subjects, areas) are learned, such as artistic movements, representative works of each epoch, life and work of great artists, among others.



Students work in a format that allows them to develop and discover their own personal interests.


Cultural Outings: 

The students at this stage visit painting and photography exhibitions, and other cultural activities related to the subjects studied during the year.


Students, through art, learn to value individuality and relate human condition to artistic themes.

International Section


The goal of our Arts Program is to allow students to observe and make important connections and reflections that enable them to be inquiring, tolerant and culturally literate individuals.


We believe that:

Through innovative and creative forms of expression, the Arts provides opportunities to develop critical thinking skills.


Through the arts, as an expressive medium, students will find new and creative answers to important life questions.


Through a process of evaluation of art, in its different forms, students will find rich opportunities to develop their critical thinking skills, express opinions, reflect, identify and discuss issues.

Through artistic production, students will develop an aesthetic sensitivity that will enrich their lives, and develop a unique awareness and insight of their inner selves.


By creating appropriate experiences now, students will develop a life-long appreciation of the arts.